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Midi Time Code is a standard that synchronizes DAW timelines. LiveMTC is optimized for composing audio in Ableton Live while editing video in other software. The app interface allows you to jump to new a location on the Live timeline as well as quickly edit the time offset, using quick keyboard shortcuts.


When you want to control other pieces of software or equipment from Ableton Live, LiveGrabber is what you need. It gives you OSC messages for changes to plugins, tracks, scenes or MIDI notes. It can also communicate audio envelopes and onsets. The reverse is also supported: controlling Live with OSC.


Sometimes one computer with Ableton Live is just not enough. Livesync keeps two sets synchronous, and optionally mirrors clip play commands. Example use cases are having a backup set for a quick switchover in case a computer crashes or running video and lighting from the front of house, synced to the set on stage.


Some devices that support SMPTE can deal with non-constant time increments, and that is where it gets fun. With ClipSMPTE, you can then use Ableton Live's advanced clip launch scheduling and warping engine to synchronously control other systems, such as lighting desks and video servers.

Resolume M4L

Commissioned by Resolume. These patches give you control over Resolume media server products directly from Ableton Live. The plugin interfaces are tuned to fit the Resolume control structure. Add musical control to your video shows.

Feed Me With Teeth live performance using Beam and Videosync
"The Feed Me With Teeth show is built entirely on Videosync and Beam. We use no other lighting desks or media servers. This has served us very well for multiple USA tours and various festival shows all over the world."

Auke Kruithof

Founder of Studio Rewind
Feed Me With Teeth live performance using Beam and Videosync
Installation by Nikki Hock using Beam and Videosync
"With Videosync and Beam, building visuals and lighting together with my audio feels most like sculpting. I mix, blend and layer until what I see matches exactly with what I feel."

Nikki Hock

Audiovisual performer, lighting designer and installation artist
Installation by Nikki Hock using Beam and Videosync
Max Cooper using ResolumeM4L
Showsync’s connectivity tools have enabled me to drive the musical, synchronized visuals of my performances directly from the Ableton Live in a way that has revolutionised my approach to live shows.

Max Cooper

Max Cooper using ResolumeM4L